Animal shows Dallas & Fort Worth. Animal Parties.

live Animal shows in Dallas/fort worth now offering virtual animal classes

live Animal shows in Dallas/fort worth now offering virtual animal classes live Animal shows in Dallas/fort worth now offering virtual animal classes

Learning Adventure Themes (virtual assemblies now available)

"Passport To Discovery"

"Texas Wild, Our Big Backyard"

"Texas Wild, Our Big Backyard"


 Get ready to travel the world and discover its inhabitants from multiple continents and ecosystems where there is a surprise at every stop. Learn how your favorite animals have  adapted to life in the wild world that supports them. Bring your imagination, your passport and your passion for adventure! 

"Texas Wild, Our Big Backyard"

"Texas Wild, Our Big Backyard"

"Texas Wild, Our Big Backyard"


Can I get a big "Yee Haw"?  Meet some of the animals of Texas! Our neighbors, our helpers and the secretive animals that  inhabit our own backyards.  

"Skin, Scales & Exoskeletons"

"Texas Wild, Our Big Backyard"

"Skin, Scales & Exoskeletons"


This program is a mixture of invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and an adorable parrot named Piper. This presentation focuses on body coverings, from camouflage to protection, each animals' body covering serves a special purpose and we will discover exactly what that is.  Discover the smooth, the scaly, the furry, feathery and the slimy!

"Heaven's Helpers"

"Water, Sand, Soil and Trees"

"Skin, Scales & Exoskeletons"


Our Faith based program: God has a purpose for all of earth's creatures.  This program will focus on what each animal's job is in its ecosystem and how God has a purpose for each and every one.  

*Perfect for church groups or VBS

*********ADDITIONAL THEMES*********


 "Animal Travelers"

Discover the world of animal locomotion, those that climb, jump, slither and crawl their way into our hearts. Get your space suit and travel gear ready as we go on this mission of discovery and even meet an animal that helped send rockets into space!

(Fun and interactive for younger children)

  "Out of This World, Animals"

Discover the animals that possess some out of this world talents. Who holds the record for  jumping the highest, the most flexible body, and the longest lived animal on earth.  Get ready for some competitions as we show off our human talents too!

"Zoo Phonics"

Do you have little ones that are just learning letters and sounds? Let's get those little ones excited to learn more about the alphabet and have fun sounding out letters by learning animal names. 

 "Paws, Claws, Tails and Scales"

This program has your favorite mixture of......paws, claws, tails and scales! Mix it up with your choice of animals and we will focus on the different featured body parts that help animals to thrive in the wild. 

"Earth's Caretakers"

"Water, Sand, Soil and Trees"

"Water, Sand, Soil and Trees"


With a focus on animals jobs, every animal is hard at work throughout the day or night (or both). From decomposers to pest controllers and recyclers to rodent controllers, every animal has a job. This interactive program highlights what animals do and why they are so helpful.


************ADDITIONAL THEMES************

 "All In The Family" 

 Learn about the four orders of reptiles within the family (class) reptilia, and the one that is close to extinction.  They are all cold blooded and covered in scales, yet so different than each other. This program is full of hands on fun and surprises.  

"Designed For The Desert"

Learn about the animals that live in the driest places of the world. Water and food is scarce, so how do they survive? Learn about the special abilities of these special desert inhabitants.

"Exceptional, Extraordinary Animal Talents"

Let's compare our surprising talents to those of the animal kingdom. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? Can you bend your body into a pretzel? Let's have some fun competitions to discover who has some extraordinary talents. (Great for family fun nights).

"Nocturnal By Nature"

What happens when the sun goes down? Why do some animals sleep at night and wake up during the day?  How do nocturnal animals see at night? All these questions will be answered when we meet the animals that are "Nocturnal By Nature". 


"Design Your Theme"

If you have a special theme, please ask what we can design for you to make your event perfect!

"Water, Sand, Soil and Trees"

"Water, Sand, Soil and Trees"

"Water, Sand, Soil and Trees"


Where an animal lives decides how they are specifically adapted to their habitat or environment. We will learn how their adaptations help them to survive in the places they live.           

******ADDITIONAL THEMES*********


"Slimy, Scaly Superheroes"

Meet some of the the longest, the strongest, the slowest and the scariest animals of the world and learn about their "Super Powers". 


"Realities Of The Rain Forest"

Discover the rain forest and its inhabitants. We will travel from the canopy to the forest floor in this interactive program, let the rain forest adventures begin.

"Carnivore, Herbivore, Omnivore, Insectivore"

Why do different animals prefer different foods, where do they find them and how does that help them to survive. Discover what animals eat and why. This theme also discusses healthy eating habits and good food choices.

 "Buggin' Out" 

It's all about the bugs!  Six legged (insects), eight legged (arachnids), and multi-legged (myriapods).  We will learn about what makes the invertebrate family different from other animals and why they are so important.  Making up 80% of the animal kingdom, there is a lot to learn about the animals that make you go "eeeeek"!